Symbolic Wedding in Italy


Because of the freedom it allows in terms of venue and rite, Symbolic Wedding in Italy has recently become one of the most popular ceremony choices. This type of rite is a celebration of love and gives couples the freedom to personalize the ceremony down to the last detail. As it is not legally binding, a Symbolic wedding does not require any kind of paperwork and can be performed anywhere you like, being that a romantic beach at sunset, a charming secret garden or an elegant lakeshore Italian villa.

A Symbolic Wedding in Italy is the perfect solution for the couples who want to plan the wedding of their dreams, free from all the formalities of a civil or religious marriage. Whether on a private beach or a lavish villa, whether in a vineyard or a castle, whether creative or traditional, laidback or formal, we can help you create a unique wedding ceremony that speaks about you as a couple.

A Taste Of Beauty will plan, design and coordinate your Symbolic Wedding in Italy down to the finest detail. We will provide inspirational ideas and help you personalize your wedding according to your preferences and specifications: from beautiful readings, to heartfelt vows, romantic wedding rituals, stylish decorations and favourite songs. We will provide a professional officiant who will perform the ceremony in your preferred language.

Since it can be held anywhere, a Symbolic Wedding in Italy is also particularly indicated for those couples wishing to host both ceremony and reception at the same venue. If you wish us to do so, we can also plan your wedding reception. We will find the perfect setting to host your wedding, as well as design and decorate the entire event to reflect your style and personality.

A Symbolic Wedding in Italy can be held in any of the country’s spectacular locations and stunning venues and we can help you select the best one for you. Below are just some ideas, but only sky is the limit:

  • A fabulous rooftop terrace in the heart of Rome
  • A farmhouse immersed in the Tuscan countryside
  • A vineyard among Veneto’s rolling plains
  • An elegant villa on the shores of Lake Como
  • An intimate chapel on the grounds of a private estate
  • A hilltop Castle dominating the Gulf of Portofino
  • A panoramic terrace with sweeping views of the Amalfi Coast
  • A beautiful boat in front of Capri
  • A lush Italian garden on Lake Garda
  • A lavish Venetian palace
  • A secluded beach at sunset

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