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Wedding Flowers on a Budget

5 easy ways to dramatically cut down your wedding flowers budget without compromising on style

This month we have prepared a practical 5 steps guide on how to cut down your wedding flowers budget without cutting down on style or your wedding party! In my professional experience, cutting down your wedding party can be emotionally difficult and will not make a noticeable impact on your flower budget. As for DIY flower arrangements, it is a heavy task with many risks involved. Realistically, it can only work if you have a very small reception and you have an experienced flower designer among your friends and family.

Furthermore, timing and logistic factors must be taken into serious consideration. If you are planning a spring or summer wedding, the warm temperature drastically affects flower preservation. Florists generally keep flower arrangements refrigerated only to set them up at the very last minute. The last thing you want on your wedding day is to worry about setting up flowers. All you should be concentrating on is looking fabulous and relaxed.

So, if you if you want to have gorgeous wedding flowers on a budget and without the stress, here are our 5 golden rules.


Arrange with the florist to repurpose flower arrangements from the ceremony to the reception. Even if the florist charges a fee for this service, the savings will still be considerable. Your Italian wedding planner can coordinate all on the day operations with the florist to avoid disruption. If you are planning a religious ceremony, some churches might not allow you to remove your arrangements from the altar. However, you can still reuse all isle and entrance arrangements. Alternatively, if there is another ceremony scheduled for the same day, you can arrange to share the cost with the other couple.


You don’t have to fill your venue with flowers up to the roof to make an impact. Instead, choose big blooms, incorporate lots of greenery and carefully identify focal points that are going to be the centre of attention. Lush foliage and big blooms will help fill your arrangements and make a statement, which means you need fewer of them compared to small stems. Place arrangements in prominent locations where their powerful visual impact will be amplified. Finally, remember that the clever use of lighting and stylish details contribute greatly in creating the desired atmosphere. Pillar candles, candelabras, vintage lanterns, fairy-lights, bulb-lights… Whatever your style let there be light! Your Italian Wedding Planner will help you create a stunning visual effect that will wow and charm your guests.


Outdoor weddings are always in trend and if you are getting married in Italy this will be the norm! Choosing a venue with fabulous outdoors where the sun always shines will help you cut down your flower budget dramatically. In fact it will offer a ready-made décor and will require less decoration. Being an Italian wedding planner, I am blessed by the fact that most wedding venues in Italy (and certainly all of my recommended ones!) are absolutely stunning, with lush gardens and breath-taking views. And most importantly at a reasonable price tag compared to the UK counterparts! So who needs to blow their wedding budget on flowers when the backdrop is absolutely gorgeous? Contact us today to find your perfect venue in Italy!


Peonies are beautiful but, if you are not planning a summer wedding, chances are that quality will be poor and prices will be ridiculous. Seasonal flowers are cost effective, environmentally friendly and create a more natural and harmonious effect. However, if there is a particular flower that holds a sentimental value to you but is not in season, you can still include it in your design by complementing it with other varieties that can enhance it. Your Italian wedding planner and florist will help you chose the right seasonal flowers in keeping with your style and colour palette.


Incorporate locally grown flowers into your wedding scheme. Local flowers are more affordable and have other advantages too. They are in keep with your wedding location and will blend harmoniously with the venue. Furthermore, you will help the environment by minimising transport pollution! And, if you are planning a rustic wedding in the Italian countryside, you can hire beautiful potted plants directly from the local garden centre. Maximum results with minimum spent.

Main image by Ering & Gabri Photography

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