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A Simple Guide To Style Your Wedding Party Outfits

This article is dedicated to all those brides (and grooms) trying to choose their wedding party outfits and not knowing where to start. If you have not yet chosen a colour palette and style for your wedding you should do so now.  When it comes to wedding party attire, the goal is to make your wedding party stand out by complementing your wedding theme and setting the general mood for the rest of the day.

The task becomes especially complex when you have a large wedding party. We organized weddings with thirty plus party members, between bridesmaids, groomsmen, flowers girls and pageboys and I know for a fact that coordination is key to shape the overall style of your wedding and make for beautiful pictures.

Here are a few simple rules that will help you pick the perfect wedding party outfits and have fun while doing it:

Rule #1: Colour Coordinate

Pick a primary colour from your wedding colour palette. It does not have to be just one colour. If you have a large bridal party you can mix and match wedding party outfits by using all the colours of your palette and even different fabrics and prints. If the colour you have selected looks good as a dress but not as a suit (as it is often the case), don’t despair. A fun way to coordinate your bridesmaids and groomsmen outfits is to use your colour for the bridesmaid dresses for the groomsmen accessories such as tie, bowtie, pocket square, waistcoat, etc.

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Pastel Pink & Sand

Photo by Marco Bernardi

Rule #2: Style It

Your wedding might not be themed, but it certainly has a style. The overall aesthetic of your wedding will probably reflect you as a couple and be in keep with the venue. Whether it is a beach wedding with flowy linen dresses and barefoot or a glitz and glam wedding in a grand mansion work your theme into the wedding party outfits and have fun with it. Sparkle, florals, lace, prints, earth tones, metallic, vintage… don’t be afraid to zhuzh it up a bit!

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Sparkle Blush & Lace Bridesmaid Dresses and Matching Bouquets

Photo by Francesco Marinelli

Rule #3: Personalize It

Pick a style that your bridesmaids & groomsmen feel beautiful in and comfortable wearing.⁠ Choose wedding party outfits that they might be able to wear again if they so wished. Even if the colour and fabric are the same, each bridesmaid might have a slightly different dress cut to complement their figure. And remember, the secret of a happy bride is a happy bride squad!

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Mix & Match Bridesmaids Dresses in Pink Floral, Sparkle Blush, Salmon & Coral

Foto by Annalisa Bombarda

Rule #4: Accessorize it

Don’t forget the ever so important little details. Matching accessories go a long way in styling your wedding party outfits. For example you might want your bridesmaids to have matching bouquets or hairpieces that incorporate your wedding flowers and are a smaller version of the bridal accessories. The groomsmen could wear matching buttonholes, ties, pocket squares, waistcoat or even jacket lining that incorporate your wedding colours and design.

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Matching Pink Ties and Grey Groomsmen Suits

Photo by Marco Vegni

Rule #5: Stay in Season

Choose a style, colour and material that is suitable for your wedding season. Stay away from heavy fabrics and sombre colours in the summer or light fabrics in the winter. Not only it would probably clash with your wedding style, but also you don’t want your wedding party to sweat under the summer sun (this is particularly true for summer weddings in Italy) or freeze in the cold winter weather.

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Blush Flowy Dresses in Different Styles and Matching  Summer Bouquets

Photo by Marco Vegni

Rule #6: Respect the Budget

Wedding party outfits can eat up a big chunk of your wedding budget very quickly if you are not careful. Set your budget from the start, be realistic and try to stick to it. If you are on a small budget but still want custom made, you can find a number of websites where you can order fabric samples, choose styles and order outfits at a reasonable price.

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Matching Floral Accessories for the Wedding Party Outfits

Photo by Annalisa Bombarda

Rule #7: Stand Out

You want wedding party members to stand out from the crowd without overshadowing the bride & groom. You sometime see wedding photos where you struggle to spot the newlyweds from their wedding party… not on our watch! Even if you have chosen bright colours or audacious prints for your bridesmaids & groomsmen, the bride & groom should always be the stars of the day. A good way to ensure this is to choose a different colour/material/style for your wedding party outfits. It could be a lighter/darker shade of your wedding party outfits colour, or a different material and style if you are going for an all-white bridal party. Whatever you do remember to differentiate.

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Blush & Grey Wedding Party Colour Palette

Photo by Marco Vegni

Rule #8: Flowers Girls & Pageboys Can

When it comes to our adorable flower girls and pageboys, the above rules don’t always apply. They are children after all and they are allowed to break the rules! You might choose a style or colour that is slightly different from the rest of the wedding party and just match it with floral accessories such as a gorgeous flower crown for the flower girls or a tiny buttonhole for the pageboys. You might even choose the same fabric as the bridal gown for the flower girls, it will hugely depend on the material of the bridal gown but when it works, the result is amazing. Consult the mums and have fun with it!

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Matching Flower Girls & Bride Dresses

Photo by Annalisa Bombarda

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