Italian Wedding Blog

Welcome to our fabulous Italian Destination Wedding Blog!

So you just started planning your wedding in Italy and don’t know where to begin? Or maybe you are still undecided and don’t know if an Italian destination wedding is right for you? You came to the right place! Here you will find invaluable insights and tips on how to plan a destination wedding in Italy. Bacause planning a wedding in Italy is not like planning any other wedding. When, where, how, do’s and don’ts.

Now, although wedding planners love (yes, love!) schedules and timelines, we do realise they are not that exciting! Wedding planning is so much more than a perfectly executed programme. It’s about love and passion, creativity and imagination. It’s about vision and knowing how to bring that vision to life. This blog is about planning a wedding abroad and having fun while doing it.

Style is our way of life and huge part of our job, a big part of this blog is dedicated to it! Find out how to style your Italian wedding to perfection by following a few simple rules and adding all those important final details that make a wedding unique. Discover the latest trends, get inspired, have fun and remember, when in Rome do as the Romans do!

Planning a wedding (let alone a wedding abroad!) is a huge task and on the day there are a lot of moving pieces that must fall seamlessly into place. So we cannot cover it all in a post! But, if your dream is to have your very own Italian destination wedding and are in need of a wedding planner to help you and hold your hand along the road, contact us. We love to chat about weddings and we are nice, we promise!

Main image by On Love & Photography