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Italian Winter Wedding Venues & Ideas

Discover why we think Italy is the perfect place for a winter wedding

Who said winter weddings cannot be spectacular? The dreamy atmosphere of a snowy landscape, the warmth of a cosy interior, the glow of a thousand candles… Now that’s what I call romance! Italian winter wedding venues are stunning. I recently attended a wedding on the Italian Alps and I was simply blown away by how every single moment of the day seemed so perfect. Admittedly climbing up the frozen steps of the little village church in heels was quite challenging, but everything else was picture perfect!

Maybe it was the soft white of the snow under my feet, or the intense green of the forest in the backdrop. Or maybe it was the bright blue of the clear sky above, the imposing mountains in the distance, the cocooned atmosphere. Whatever it was, I came back filled with inspiration and looking forward to start planning a magical winter wedding.

I wanted to create a moodboard that would celebrate the natural beauty of winter with a touch of decadence. So I decided to stay clear from the trite Winter Wonderland theme. Instead, I created  an album on Pintrest that celebrates all things romantic, elegant and fabulous about this wonderful season. You can check it out here Glamorous Winter Wedding.

And if you are looking for one-of-a-kind winter wedding venues, Italy is the perfect place. Here are just a few ideas.

  1. A charming chalet perched on the Italian Alps overlooking the spectacular valleys below
  2. A rustic country house in the heart of Tuscany, surrounded by the snowy hills of the Italian countryside
  3. An old barn immersed in the Franciacorta vineyards

And the list goes on and on. So if you are looking for venues and inspiration give us a call. Whatever your vision, we will find the perfect setting for your special day.

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