Civil Wedding in Italy

Civil Wedding in Italy

A Civil Wedding in Italy is the perfect choice for couples who want a legally binding ceremony without compromising on style and romance. In fact, Italian civil ceremonies are extremely beautiful. They can be enriched with personalized readings, gorgeous flower arrangements and music. However, what really sets civil ceremonies in Italy apart, is the astonishing range of spectacular wedding venues.

Civil weddings can take place in one of Italy’s historic town halls and stunning venues authorized to hold civil ceremonies. These include panoramic outdoor locations, elegant villas, sumptuous palaces and medieval castles. This is why we have carefully selected the finest venues in Italy to make your dream come true.

To celebrate a wedding that is legally recognized in their country of origin, foreign couples must submit the necessary marriage paperwork. This might vary according to their nationality. We specialise in Italian civil weddings for couples of all nationalities and we know how to navigate through the insidious traps of marriage bureaucracy. Our expert wedding planner will calmly guide you through the entire process to obtain all the necessary paperwork.

Therefore, if you are planning to get married in Italy, you can rest assured that we will make it happen without a glitch. Firstly, we will help you find your dream wedding venue, assist you with marriage paperwork and book interpreters. We will then help you personalize your ceremony and ensure that everything is perfectly orchestrated on the day. Finally, we will collect your international marriage certificate.

Practical information for a Civil Wedding in Italy:

  • Civil Marriage Paperwork. The Italian civil marriage is legally binding and recognised internationally. The legal paperwork must be issued within 6 months of the wedding date but not before otherwise it will expire.
  • Divorcees. If one or both parties have been previously married and divorced, they will have to provide a civil divorce certificate.
  • Witnesses. The Civil ceremony must be attested by at least two witnesses.
  • Civil Ceremony Venue. Civil ceremonies can only take place at the local town hall or at specific venues authorised by the governing authorities.
  • Disbursements. Administrative, legal and interpreter fees.
  • Civil Rite. A Civil Rite in Italy is performed by a Mayor in Italian (with an interpreter).
  • Readings. Personalized vows and readings must take place either before or after the legal rite.
  • Music. You can enhance your ceremony with the music accompaniment of your choice.

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Main picture by: Marco Bernardi Photography