Jewish Wedding in Italy

Jewish Wedding in Italy

Italy has a rich Jewish cultural heritage and a Jewish Wedding in Italy is a unique and emotional experience. Jewish ceremonies can either be celebrated in one of the beautiful synagogues of Italy’s larger cities, or a stunning Italian wedding venue under a traditional chuppah.

Whether you wish to have an Orthodox ceremony in an ancient synagogue or a Reform ceremony on the grounds of a fabulous Italian villa or castle, our expert wedding planner will help you plan an exclusive event tailored to your personal requirements. 

Experience, care and a deep understanding of wedding traditions is extremely important when planning a Jewish Wedding in Italy. Whether you are planning an intimate wedding or a big celebration, you can confide in our professional expertise. We will organise your event down to the finest detail and discreetly supervise your ceremony to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Orthodox Jewish Wedding in Italy

The Italian Jewish communities are Orthodox and Italian synagogues only perform Orthodox ceremonies. Located in larger towns, Italian synagogues are incredibly beautifuland and are of great artistic and historical importance. 

If you are planning an Orthodox Jewish Wedding in Italy you will require permission from your rabbi at home. Your rabbi will also prepare all the religious paperwork to present to the Italian rabbi. Namely, a declaration that you do belong to a Jewish community issued by an Orthodox rabbi, a certificate of non-impediment in accordance with the alacha issued by a Beth-Din, as well as provide of your and your parent’s Jewish names.

Because Orthodox Jewish ceremonies are legally binding, you will also need to submit the Civil marriage documentation required for civil marriages. As part of our service, we will guide you through the formalities and assist you to obtain the necessary paperwork.

Reform Jewish Wedding in Italy

A Reform Jewish Wedding in Italy gives you the freedom to choose among the many gorgeous venues and breath-taking locations that Italy has to offer. A romantic garden, historic castle or elegant palace with spectacular views of the Italian landscape as your backdrop.

If you cannot bring your own rabbi, we collaborate with Reform rabbis, who can conduct a modern Jewish wedding. Your own rabbi will need to certify your faith and prepare the religious documentation to present to the Italian rabbi. The Italian rabbi will then celebrate your wedding and help you personalize your Jewish ceremony. For instance by including rituals such as tallit or a family kiddush cup. In interfaith ceremonies, ritual items from both faiths can also be included to honour both faiths and traditions.

Please note that only Orthodox Jewish weddings are legally binding. However we can arrange for a separate civil ceremony to take place either at the local town hall or, depending on your chosen venue, at the same location as your religious ceremony. We will advise you on the venues that allow for civil weddings and assist you with the necessary civil marriage paperwork.

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