Orthodox Wedding in Italy

Orthodox Wedding in Italy

An Orthodox Wedding in Italy is truly unique. There is a wealth of beautiful Orthodox churches of different denominations in small towns and large cities across Italy. For instance, Venice with its Greek Orthodox temples, or Florence and Rome with their imposing Orthodox churches.

Our expert wedding planner will plan and coordinate your Orthodox Wedding in Italy down to the finest detail. Firstly, we will find the perfect church to host your wedding and assist you with the necessary paperwork. Then, we will help you style your wedding ceremony to perfection, personalize your readings and ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day.

However, the Orthodox ceremony is not legally binding and religious requirements may vary depending on denomination and chosen church. Therefore, you will need to be legally married before the religious ceremony and to provide the certificate.

If you wish us to do so, we can organise a separate civil wedding to take place prior to the religious one, either at the local town hall or an authorised venue. We will assist you with the required paperwork and guide you every step of the way.

Practical information for an Orthodox Wedding in Italy:

  • Orthodox Marriage. An Orthodox Wedding in Italy is not legally binding, therefore you will need to have a Civil ceremony before the religious one.
  • Mixed Religion Marriage. If one of the two parties is not Orthodox, mixed religion marriage is possible subject to the Bishop’s approval.
  • Divorcees. Orthodox who have been previously married and divorced are permitted to remarry with an Orthodox rite subject to the provision of a religious annulment decree and a civil divorce certificate.
  • Witnesses. The ceremony must be attested by at least two witnesses.
  • Orthodox Ceremony Venue. Ceremonies can only be performed in church.
  • Orthodox Rite. An Orthodox Wedding in Italy can be performed in English (by an English speaking priest) or in Italian (with an interpreter).
  • Readings. Only sacred readings are allowed.
  • Music. Only sacred hymns are allowed.

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Main picture by: Erin & Gabri Photography