Protestant Wedding in Italy

Protestant Wedding in Italy

Although Italy is a predominantly Catholic country, there is a wide choice of amazing venues for a Protestant Wedding in Italy. Beautiful Protestant churches of various denominations can be found in many Italian cities and beautiful locations. Whether you wish to get married in a historical city, on the lakeshore, or overlooking the sea, we will select the best church venues for the perfect ceremony.

However, if you wish to have an outdoor ceremony, Protestant marriages can be performed anywhere you like. A beach wedding on the Amalfi Coast, a garden wedding in the Tuscan countryside, an intimate wedding in a charming private chapel. Whatever your dream is, we will make it happen!

We collaborates with Protestant Pastors of various denominations across Italy who can celebrate the ceremony in any location you desire. Religious requirements may vary depending on denomination and chosen location but are quite straight forward. We can guide you through the process and help you personalize the marriage ceremony including processional, readings, vows and music.

Although, a Protestant ceremony in Italy is a blessing and thus has no legal validity, we can arrange for the civil ceremony to take place prior to the religious one, either at the local town hall or, depending on your chosen venue, at the same location as your religious ceremony. We will advise you on the venues that allow for civil weddings and assist you with the necessary paperwork.

Practical information for a Protestant Wedding in Italy:

  • Protestant Marriage. Notice must be given to the Episcopal canon at least one month prior the wedding. Protestant weddings in Italy are not legally binding, therefore you will need to have a Civil ceremony before the religious one.
  • Mixed Religion Marriage. If one of the two parties is not Protestant, mixed religion marriage is possible subject to the Bishop’s approval.
  • Divorcees. Protestants who have been previously married and divorced are permitted to remarry with a Protestant rite, although in some cases they might need dispensation from Church officials.
  • Witnesses. The Protestant ceremony must be attested by at least two witnesses.
  • Protestant Ceremony Venue. Protestant ceremonies can be performed anywhere. Please note Church of England weddings can only be performed in an Anglican church or on location pending agreement by the Pastor.
  • Protestant Rite. A Protestant Wedding in Italy can be performed in English (by an English speaking priest) or in Italian (with an interpreter).
  • Readings. Personalized vows are mostly allowed as long as they don’t contradict Christian principles.
  • Music. Both sacred and appropriate secular music are allowed.

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