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Mediterranean Wedding Ideas & Tips

The summer has finally arrived! What better way to celebrate than dedicating a post to my favourite corner of the world?? This month I am taking you on a journey among fabulous venues, breath-taking sights, vibrant colours, citrus fruit, blue porcelains and much more. Because the Mediterranean is not only a place, it’s an atmosphere, it’s a way of life that encompasses so many different cultures. Here are a few tips on where, when and how to plan a Mediterranean Wedding. And to help you visualize all this gougeousness, I have prepared an inspiring new mood board on Pinterest.

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Details as featured in Majolica Muse – WedLu

WHERE to plan your Mediterranean Wedding

If you are planning a Mediterranean wedding, no places in the world are as spectacular as the Amalfi Coast and the Italian Riviera. With their amazing coastline, secluded bays, blue waters and colourful villages, they are among the most exclusive destinations in the world. Although the Amalfi Coast has recently become a very popular wedding destination, the Italian Riviera is equally stunning and easier to reach from international airports. So much so that for decades Portofino has been the favourite holiday destination for celebrities and jetsetters, such as Dolce & Gabbana and Madonna. And with so many gorgeous venues with a slightly lower pricetag compared to the Amalfi Coast, it’s the perfect destination for the perfect Mediterranean Wedding.

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PORTOFINO – Photos by Matthew DeBlieux & Christina Ambalavanar

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CINQUE TERRE – Photos by Josh Hild & Mika Korhonen

WHEN to plan your Mediterranean Wedding

For an outdoor Mediterranean wedding I recommend end of May to end of September. However it is always best to avoid high summer months. Temperatures in July and August are challenging and no amount of sea breeze can make it better. Furthermore, it is high tourist season and venues availability  tends to be limited. And remember, evening weddings are best if you want to enjoy the sunset.

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RAVELLO – Photo by Enrico Capuano

Mediterranean-Wedding-Ideas-Tips-www.atasteofbeauty.co.uk-italian-wedding-planner-blog  (13)

AMALFI COAST – Photo by Enrico Capuano

HOW to plan your Mediterranean Wedding

Realistically, if you are planning a destination wedding in Italy you will have to hire an Italian wedding planner. This will save you time, money, stress and bad surprises! To help you start planning your Mediterranean Wedding, you can have a look at our Wedding Planning Checklist. Below are the very first, important steps you should take when you start planning a wedding:


Set your Date: It does not have to be a specific date, but at least the month/season and year. Take into consideration average weather but also choose a period when you believe it will be easier for your guests to attend as they will have to take time off work. Your Italian wedding planner will then help you narrow it down based on venues availability, prices, etc.


Set your Budget: You should get your finances together and set your indicative maximum budget early on. Your Italian wedding planner can recommend the best seaside venues that suit your budget and requirements.


Set your Guest Numbers: Decide whether you want an intimate, average size or big wedding and then start making a list of all the guests you and your partner wish to invite. This exercise should spread over a few sessions. Chances are you will probably cut down or add on a few guests as you go along. Once you have a realistic maximum headcount, your Italian wedding planner will be able to recommend venues and suppliers within budget.


Choose your Ceremony: Do you wish to have a civil, symbolic or religious marriage ceremony? You can find some useful information about all the types of different ceremonies on our Wedding Ceremony page. If you are not sure, your Italian wedding planner will explain your options in detail and help you choose the type of ceremony that is right for you.


Choose your Location: You have already decided you want a Mediterranean Wedding. The question is where exactly? Start by having a look at some of our recommended Amalfi Coast and Italian Riviera venues to understand which location best fits your style. Remember, if you want a beach wedding or are interested in less obvious locations such as Sicily or Apulia, we have a vast selection of beautiful seaside venues throughout Italy.

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ITALIAN RIVIERA –  Photos by Dame Traveler & Edoardo Bust

If you want to know more about our range of venues, services and prices give us a call. We can’t wait to start planning your Mediterranean Wedding!

Main Photo by Fabrizio Conti

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