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Rome Wedding Venues

The immortal beauty and ancient splendour of Rome, with its lavish palaces, famous churches and unique charm, make for fabulous wedding celebrations. Rich in history, arts, style and glamour, Rome is still immersed in an aura of enchantment. This spectacular city, that has been the set of movies like La Dolce Vita and Roman Holidays, can now be the perfect backdrop for your special day.

Some of our favourite Rome Wedding Venues feature breath-taking views over the city.  What is more romantic than a beautiful wedding reception on one of Rome’s finest rooftop terraces, admiring the magical Roman skyline at sunset?

Our exclusive selection of the best wedding venues in Rome is absolutely unique and is designed to suit different styles and requirements. Whether you are planning an elegant wedding reception in a sumptuous Italian palazzo or an intimate ceremony in a romantic garden gazing out over St. Peter’s Square, we will find a unique setting for your Rome Wedding.

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Immersed in a vast park in the heart of Rome, this elegant neoclassical villa offers spectacular views over the city.

This stunning Italian villa with sweeping views over Rome is the perfect venue for a glamorous wedding.

Set in a lush garden in Rome’s city centre, this lavish palace opens its doors for exclusive wedding receptions.

The ancient splendour of this magnificent palace is the perfect atmosphere for an elegant wedding in the heart of Rome.

This spectacular penthouse terrace overlooking Rome skyline offers the perfect backdrop for a magical wedding reception.

This exclusive roof garden restaurant, offering 360° panoramic views of the city, is the ideal venue for a rooftop wedding in Rome.

Located on the top floor of a refined luxury hotel, this exclusive rooftop terrace and fabulous winter garden the ideal setting for elegant celebrations.

Set in the splendid palace that houses the famous Capitolini Museums, this beautiful terrace  dominating the entire Roman skyline, is a unique wedding venue.

Immersed in the enchanted woodland of Monte Mario, on the outskirts of Rome, this charming wedding venue is perfect for a romantic garden wedding.

Located on the top floor of a splendid Italian palazzo, this fabulous roof terrace restaurant overlooking the Colosseum is the ideal backdrop for a stylish wedding reception.

Close to the famous Villa Borghese Park, this private villa has been entirely renovated and converted into a luxury wedding venue in the heart of Rome.

Surrounded by a lush park overlooking Saint Peter’s Cathedral, this stunning venue is a unique backdrop for a romantic outdoor wedding in Rome.

Known as “The Hidden Treasure of Rome”, this magnificent palace has been converted into an exclusive event venue, ideal for a luxury wedding in Rome.

This spectacular luxury hotel, with its roof garden gazing over at St Peter’s Square and the Pantheon, is a magical location for a rooftop wedding in Rome.


Set in a dominating position over Lake Bracciano, this majestic venue is considered one of the most beautiful castles Europe.

Immersed in a verdant park just outside of Rome, this enchanted castle is one of the top luxury wedding venues in Lazio.

Set in the heart of the Appia archaeological park in Rome, this stunning Italian villa is an exclusive wedding venue.

Situated just outside a charming medieval village, this beautiful country estate is the ideal setting for a stylish country wedding.

Immersed in lush hanging gardens, this enchanted hamlet offers an amazing variety of spaces to host beautiful country weddings.

Set on the rolling plains of Lazio’s countryside, this beautiful country manor is an exclusive wedding venue.

With its magnificent garden terraces overlooking the Mediterranean, this charming castle is the ideal venue for a seaside wedding in Lazio.

This exclusive Italian villa with spectacular views over the Mediterranean Sea is the ideal setting for a romantic seaside wedding.

Located in the outskirts of Rome, this ancient Italian villa has been transformed in a luxury hotel and wedding venue.

Located in the Sabina Valley not far from Rome, this spectacular fortress is an extraordinary wedding venue.

Set among the verdant hills of the Italian countryside, this luxury villa is considered one of the most spectacular wedding venues in Italy.

Set on a hill that slowly descends down to the shores Lake Bracciano, this old country estate is the perfect venue for outdoor wedding receptions

Set in one of the most famous botanical gardens in Europe, this beautiful country estate is the perfect setting for a romantic garden wedding in Lazio.